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OKbet Sports betting in sports is more than just knowing the odds of who will win and betting on your favorite player or team. There are numerous types of sports bets, and you should be aware of them in order to make the most informed wagers.

Win on OKBet by Bets/Straight Bets/Moneyline Wagers

This bet is known by various different names, but it is the most obvious and “conventional” approach to wager on sports. You merely support one outcome. In a player-versus-player game, such as tennis, you would wager on one of the players to win. In a team-versus-team sport, such as football, you would wager on one of the teams to win.

OKbet Point Spreads

Wagering on point spreads is quite popular in the United States, particularly on sports like basketball and football. You’re not betting on which player or team will win the game; instead, you’re wagering on who will “cover the spread.”

The spread is a figure set by the sportsbook that acts as the winning margin. To win the wager, the team you bet on must “cover” or outperform that margin.

The concept is based on the premise that some teams may be mismatched you can check on OKBet sportsbook. Each team is assigned a point total that can be added to or deducted from the overall score.

The sportsbook will list a favorite with a minus (-) point spread and an underdog with a plus (+) point spread for each game. The favorite must win by a margin greater than the spread set by the sportsbook. Meanwhile, the underdog must either win the game or lose by a margin less than the spread offered.

Assume the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals are in action. Their point spread might be as follows:

-7.5 for the Eagles

Bengals (+7)

The minus symbol before the 7.5 means that the Eagles are the favorites for this encounter, while the plus symbol suggests that the Bengals are the underdogs.

If you bet on the Eagles, they must win by at least eight points for you to win. If you bet on the Bengals, they must either win outright or lose by no less than 6 points for you to win. In this scenario, a straightforward 7-point victory for the Eagles would result in a draw. Bet by using the OKbet app or go to OKbet website for more chances of winning and surprises.

Handicap on OKBet Bets/Line Bets/Point Bets

okbet sports betting line

This is another attempt by bookmakers, similar to point spread betting, to make a poorly matched competition more egalitarian. They provide specific players or teams a virtual edge or disadvantage in order to level the playing field. This is referred to as a “handicap,” which must be overcome by the stronger player or team. It can also be viewed as a “head start” for the weaker competitor.

Here’s a football example:

Cleveland Browns have a +4.5 handicap.

The New Orleans Saints have a -4.5 handicap.

The Saints are the -4.5 favorite in this clash, according to the OKbet sportsbooks. If you wager on the Saints, you deduct 4.5 points from their final score. You win the bet if they still have more points than their opponent after that subtraction.

If you place a handicap bet on the Browns, you’ll need to add 4.5 points to their final score. If that total exceeds what the Saints scored, you win the wager.

Totals/Over-Under Bets on OKBet

The OKbet bookmaker establishes a line for the total amount of points to be scored in a game for this sort of wager. You can then wager on whether the real total will be higher or lower than the threshold they’ve set. It makes no difference who wins in this form of gamble.

Let’s imagine the Carolina Panthers are playing the Seattle Seahawks in football. The final score is 48.5 points. To place your bet, you must decide whether you believe the game’s final score will be more than 49 points or less than 48 points. The presence of a half-point in the set total indicates that there will be no draw (also called a push).

OKbet Bookmakers occasionally predict the total cumulative score as a full number. If the total was set at 48 points and the final score was 28-20, the combined score equaled 48, resulting in a push. In this circumstance, the sportsbook where you bet would refund your bet regardless of whether you chose over or under.

It’s more difficult to set up because scoring isn’t as consistent as in other major sports, you can check on OKbet sportsbook, but you may still place an over-under wager on a sport like boxing. In a fight between Luis Ortiz and Alexander Flores, you can see an over/under line of 9.5 rounds. If you bet on the over, a knockout must occur before the tenth round in order for you to win. If you bet on the under, the knockout must occur before or before the ninth round in order for you to win. you can bet on Okbet app or visit Okbet.com.

OKbet Parlays/Accumulators on betting

In a parlay, you make multiple selections as part of a single wager. You can place a bet on two, three, or up to a half-dozen or more picks. Your wagers can include point spreads, totals, futures, or other sorts of wagers, as long as they are all on distinct games.

Because of its flexibility, the parlay bet can be particularly appealing to gamblers. You can place a wager on different sports, such as football, basketball, and hockey.

Here’s an example of OKbet parlay payout chart:

Number of SelectionsPayout

Of course, these bets are extremely difficult to win because you must accurately predict each and every decision – if you get even one incorrect, you lose your entire investment. The advantage is that if you win, your payout might be pretty large, you can visit and play on OKbet.com to try your learnings.

OKbet Futures/Outrights on betting

This is when you bet on an event or series that will end in the future, rather than on the day you place the bet. Before the season begins, bettors can place wagers on big championships like as the NBA Finals or the MLB World Series, you can visit the OKbet sportsbook for more information.

While single-game bets are resolved within a day or two, futures bets allow you to put money on the line for numerous games without having to research each one individually.

On the other hand, these can be difficult to foresee so far in advance. You may have gambled on the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, which means they must make the playoffs, make it to the big game, and win it all. If they have a bad season and fail to make the playoffs, you’ve lost your Okbet futures bet.

OKbet Sports Propositions/Prop Bets/Specials on bettings

Prop bets are similar to futures bets in that you can wager on a specific person or event. You might wager on which team will score first, which Buccaneers player will score their first touchdown, how many receptions a given player will receive, and more.

You might even wager on how many times an announcer says the word “dynasty” or on whether the national anthem will last two minutes.

Reverse Bets and If Bets on OKbet Sports bettings

These bets are similar to more complicated parlays. With an if bet, you make your choices in a precise order, and the outcome of your first choice determines whether any future choices are active. If your first pick fails, you lose your whole bet.

If your first choice is correct, your second choice becomes relevant. Your profits on your first selection are paid out, and your initial investment is placed on your second selection. This method is repeated until one of your picks loses or all picks win.

It’s essentially a “if-then” scenario. If you get it correctly in the first round, you get to keep betting on OKbet. If you are incorrect, you will forfeit the wager, learn more by visiting OKbet guide or go to Okbet.com website.

As an example, suppose you wagered $110 on the Broncos and Falcons at typical -110 odds:

  • If the Broncos win, you win $100 and your stake is carried over to the Falcons for another $110.
  • If the Falcons also win, you receive another $100, for a total profit of $200 (a total payout of $310 if you include your original wager).
  • If the Falcons lose, you will lose $10 because you won $100 on the Broncos but lost your $110 bet on the Falcons.
  • If the Broncos lose, you will forfeit your $110 bet and have no bet on the Falcons.

So the difference between a parlay and an if bet is that for a parlay to win, you have to win all of your selections; with an if bet, you can regain some of your money if one or some of your selections win.

Then there are reverse bets, which are basically if bets that work in both directions. Let’s go back to the Broncos and Falcons example from above. You have $110 again to bet, but instead of placing a single if bet, you split the $110 in half and make two $55 if bets. One will have the Broncos first and the Falcons second, and the other will have the Falcons first and the Broncos second.

For more information you can visit the OKbet betting guides or go to OKbet.com.

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