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The concept of daily fantasy sports has grabbed the sports world by storm, and it’s easy to mistake it for traditional sports betting. They are, nevertheless, unique approaches to the concept of sports betting, with significant distinctions in how they operate.

In general, traditional sports betting entails betting on outcomes – you check the odds and select the outcome you believe has the best probability of prevailing. Sports betting has a diverse market because you may bet on propositions, point spreads, totals, and more, in addition to major sports and more esoteric activities like water polo or badminton.

Meanwhile, daily fantasy sports entail picking a certain number of athletes onto a fantasy “team” that you create yourself while adhering to a salary cap. With such constraints, you can only choose a limited number of stars. Furthermore, unlike traditional fantasy sports, DFS allows you to play for a single game rather than committing to building a team and managing the roster for a full season.

However, daily fantasy sports includes drafting a certain number of athletes into a fantasy “team” that you create yourself while maintaining inside a salary cap. With such constraints, you can only choose so many stars. Furthermore, unlike traditional fantasy sports, DFS allows you to play for a single game rather than building a team and managing the roster for an entire season.

For example, you should pick 10 NFL players without breaking a $50,000 salary cap. The cap prevents you from stacking your bench with only top-tier talent and giving yourself an unfair advantage.

You’re also more limited to betting on the most popular sports, such as football or baseball, with the daily fantasy setup because you have to design an entire team rather than merely wager on whether a team or player will win.

This is one of the reasons why daily fantasy is marketed as distinct from sports betting: the businesses who conduct DFS contests tend to view it as a skill-based game rather than genuine “gambling,” which is based solely on chance. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 exempted fantasy sports due to the study and planning involved, paving the way for daily fantasy sports to be grandfathered in on the same concept.

The Benefits of Sports Betting

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DFS has much fewer markets than general sports betting like OKbet. While not every bookmaker covers every sport, the major betting sites like OKbet.com will have choices to wager on everything that may attract betting action.

In the same spirit, there are considerably more in-person and online sportsbooks than DFS sites, giving you more opportunities to try your luck.

OKBet sports betting also typically has cheaper commissions. Bookmakers typically take a 10% vig from the losing side of a wager, so if you win around half of the time and lose the other half, you’ll pay roughly a 5% vig on average.

The Drawbacks of Sports Betting

In OKbet sports betting, it is extremely difficult to overcome the oddsmakers. They’re well-versed in analyzing matchups and drawing precise lines.

They also limit your bet quantities to avoid taking on too much danger. Smaller bookmakers may only accept bets of up to $2,000. While industry titans can accept six-figure wagers, they are extremely rare.

The Benefits of Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

Rather than competing against a sportsbook, you will be competing against other human players. Instead of trying to compensate for the bookmaker’s odds, you should beat them at their own game.

DFS is permitted in more states than sports betting because it is not considered gambling. Some places have even made daily fantasy a legal activity, so you don’t have to worry about the legalities of it all.

The Drawbacks of Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

There are far fewer DFS sites than sportsbooks – the DFS landscape is dominated by Okbet, Yahoo and etc.

Furthermore, DFS commissions are typically greater. These sites often charge a 10% vig up front rather than just on the losing side, and they will also charge that 10% with each buy-in.

The odds of winning at DFS are likewise deceiving. DFS sites can organize their payouts in a variety of ways because there are no predetermined odds. Furthermore, according to a 2015 research published in Sports Business Journal, the top 1.3% of players earned 91% of the profits, while the remaining 85% were losers. Personal algorithms were utilized by players to examine thousands of facts and player projections. This contradicts the prevalent promotional idea promoted by services like OKbet — that any normal individual can win big.

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