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Even though Paolo Banchero’s selection as the first overall choice in the NBA Draft in June caught many off guard, his early play indicates that he likely should have been that player all along. The Magic’s newcomer is already a prohibitive favorite to win Rookie of the Year.

Over the course of the summer, gamblers made significant adjustments to the odds for NBA Rookie of the Year as they analyzed a deep and exciting rookie class.

The initial glances of the NBA’s new recruits have been pretty darn amazing, and that’s despite the fact that the early ROY odds leader (Chet Holmgren) is out for the season with an injury.

However, despite the efforts of a strong group of players, the ROY competition this year may already be decided. Let’s take a look at the oddsboard as it stands right now, as the race for NBA Rookie of the Year begins to heat up.

Odds of success Best Rookie in the NBA

Paolo BancheroOrlando MagicPF-425
Bennedict MathurinIndiana PacersSG+270
Jaden IveyDetroit PistonsG+2,500
Keegan MurraySacramento KingsF+10,000

Odds from OKBET as of November 30, 2022.

NBA Rookie of the year favorites


Paolo Banchero | -425

Given his NBA-ready physique and skill set as well as Orlando’s obvious need for offensive support, Banchero’s ceiling appeared to be quite high.

Paolo has averaged 22.9 points per game and 7.1 rebounds per game through 14 games, as well as delivering strong defensive statistics, thus the early confidence has been justified.

This season, his.460 shooting % has been rising consistently, and there are many reasons to think that as Banchero becomes used to NBA defense, it will continue to grow.

However, the chance will be there for him the entire season, and Paolo hasn’t taken any action to renounce what many considered to be his prize to lose when Holmgren became hurt.

Bennedict Mathurin | +270

Bennedict Mathurin, who was a mid-lottery ROY sleeper entering the season, jumped numerous guys taken before him in June and had his value drop dramatically in the first week of play. Mathurin is determined to remain a factor despite Banchero’s overwhelming superiority.

Mathurin has proved that he is an elite scorer to go along with his incredible athleticism and NBA-ready body. His early impressions as a scorer have him in very elite company, including the following players:

In the meantime, Mathurin is steadily closing in on Banchero’s lead and has many paths to earn more playing time and touches if the unexpectedly competitive Pacers decide to slump.

Learning the Odds for the NBA’s Rookie of the Year

The odds displayed by most sportsbooks will be in the American format shown above. After starting the 2019-20 season as a heavy favorite, Ja Morant saw his odds shift to featuring a minus (-) sign before the number.

Ja Morant -500

That implies a bettor would have to risk $500 to gain $100. A plus (+) sign would precede the number for any other option with lower probabilities. When the season first begins and no obvious favorite has emerged, the betting possibilities will look like this:

Zion Williamson +650

Here, a bettor may expect to win $650 for each $100 they risk.

Easily convert from American odds to decimal or fractional numbers using our odds converter. The odds presentation at most online sportsbooks may also be customized.

Records of NBA Rookie of the Year

YearNBA ROY WinnerPick No.
2021-22Scottie Barnes4
2020-21LaMelo Ball3
2019-20Ja Morant2
2018-19Luka Doncic3
2017-18Ben Simmons1
2016-17Malcolm Brogdon36
2015-16Karl-Anthony Towns1
2014-15Andrew Wiggins1
2013-14Michael Carter-Williams11
2012-13Damian Lillard6
2011-12Kyrie Irving1
2010-11Blake Griffin1
2009-10Tyreke Evans4
2008-09Derrick Rose1
2007-08Kevin Durant2
2006-07Brandon Roy6
2005-06Chris Paul4
2004-05Emeka Okafor2
2003-04LeBron James1
2002-03Amar’e Stoudemire9

Trendings for the NBA Rookie of the Year

  • Only three times in the past decade has the No. 1 overall choice gone on to win Rookie of the Year.
  • A mere four bigs (PF/C) have won ROY in the previous 20 years.
  • Malcolm Brogdon, taken 36th overall in 2016, is the first first-year player in this century not selected in the draft’s lottery.
  • In 15 of the last 20 years, the Rookie of the Year was selected in the first five rounds of the draft.

FAQs about NBA Rookie of the Year odds

Who was named Rookie of the Year last year?

Scottie Barnes of Toronto was named Rookie of the Year for 2021-22.

How many first overall picks have gone on to be named Rookie of the Year?

Since 1953, 21 first-overall picks have gone on to win Rookie of the Year.

Have there ever been two people named Rookie of the Year?

Yes, in fact, three times! Grant Hill and Jason Kidd (1995) and Dave Cowens and Geoff Petrie (2000) also received the prize together (1971).

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